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There are many daunting social issues we are faced with in the world, some of which make us feel powerless. Fortunately, making vegan choices allows us to begin tackling complex problems such as animal suffering, environmental degradation, poor personal health, and global poverty.

Compared to a standard American diet, vegan eating uses significantly less water and land resources, contributes less to global warming, and frees up grains that could be used to feed hungry people. Each person who chooses a vegan diet also prevents the suffering and death of dozens of animals every year, totaling hundreds or thousands over the course of a life time.

Making the transition to vegan living is enjoyable and fun, as you get the opportunity to explore new foods, feel healthier, and live knowing you are making the most compassionate choices you can. A great way to get started is to sign up for Meatout Mondays, an e-newsletter that offers a recipe, health news item, and sponsored product each week!

Want more? We will send you a free Vegan Starter Guide, provide you with dozens of recipes, and offer you helpful tips.

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